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The effect of using social networking sites at work on job burnout: The mediating role of coworker support

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Although research related to benefits of social networking has received more attention over the past years, it is still unclear whether using social networking sites at work tend to enhance or hinder employee work-related outcomes. To addess this research question, this study specifically investigated the effect of social network sites use intensity on job burnout through the mediating effect of coworker support. Results from a preliminary analysis (N=47) conducted in Thailand revealed (1) an inverse u-curve relationship between social networking site use intensity and a degree of coworker support; and (2) a negative relationships between coworker support and measures of job burnout. These results suggested that a benefit of social networking on lowering burnout could only be achieved when the degree of social network sites use is moderate.

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Proceedings of Southwest Decision Science Institute Forty-Fourth Annual Conference