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Hedonic information systems are those that are used primarily for pleasure. Previous research has established that the intention to use hedonic information systems is explained mainly by perceived ease of use and perceived enjoyment, with perceived usefulness to one’s job being given less importance. Facebook could be seen as a hedonic information system. This paper employs a cross-sectional survey of 178 professionals who used Facebook to various degrees. Predictably, the authors’ empirical results show that perceived enjoyment is indeed a much stronger determinant of intended continued Facebook use than ease of use or usefulness to one’s job, explaining a considerable proportion of variance in continued use behavior. The authors also find that ease of use is a strong determinant of perceived enjoyment. Interestingly, their results suggest that intended continued Facebook use is significantly and positively associated with job performance, both directly and indirectly via job satisfaction.


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Social Issues in the Workplace: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice





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