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Coopetition in a platform ecosystem: from the complementors’ perspective

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With the platform owner entering complementors’ product space, the cooperative nature of the platform ecosystem shifts into coopetition, a mixed strategy of cooperation and competition. Since a disproportionately large number of complementors are small in size and suffer from insufficient resources, their platform owner’s unfair competition can pose existential threats to them. Although the literature acknowledges the significance of the research domain, there still exist the challenges of inadequate conceptualization, inefficient measures, and insufficient studies of coopetition. This study attempts to fill the research gap by elucidating the relationship among coopetition balance, capability, and intensity from the complementors’ perspective and by operationalizing the coopetition via latent congruence modeling. The survey data collected from 365 complementors at Amazon suggest that coopetition balance and coopetition capability impact on relationship performance, and that coopetition capability and coopetition intensity moderate the relationship between coopetition balance and relationship performance.


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Electron Commer Res