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Black and white photographs. Black and white postcard. One photograph. One Postcard. One reproduction.

Depicted: Cunningham & Co. postcard. "On the right is the Cowan residence into which the negro raiders fired twenty shots, August 13th 1906 Brownsville, Texas"; Jacket of book, snake skin reproduction; Echoes From the Rio Grande film snippet directed by Hart Perry.; "Streets in the old city of Brownsville 1905"; "This little Baldwin wood-burning, narrow gauge railroad locomotive, built in Manchester? and was put little later, a distance of 22 miles a narrow gauge to the top speed was 20 miles per hour this RR was in operation until 1925 and was known as the Rio Grande Railroad it was a wood burner it would puff out steam and smoke just like the big fellows and it had a bell and whistle."

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1910-1919, Frontier and pioneer life -- Rio Grande Valley, Crime -- Rio Grande Valley, Criminals -- Rio Grande Valley, Law enforcement -- Rio Grande Valley, Brownsville Raid, Brownsville Affair, transportation, railroads, trains, Yturria building, Texas--Brownsville


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