Tribute to Estella Lane Treviño

Tribute to Estella Lane Treviño


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Tribute to Estella "Mrs. T." Lane Treviño at Edinburg Auditorium recorded by Eloise Montemayor. The Mayor of Edinburg, Texas issued a proclamation that Sept. 23, 2011, would be celebrated as Estella Lane Treviño Day in Edinburg. Aaron Peña, Judge Ramon Garcia, Richard Lopez, Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa, and Veronica Gonzalez were among some of the people to appear and extend their gratitude to Estella for her service and to congratulate her on her retirement.

Born in Red Gate, Texas, Treviño graduated from Edinburg High School at age 16. At age 17 she became owner of her first beauty salon which she operated for 21 years. She and her husband, who owned a barber shop, came to know everyone, which, along with her many community volunteer activities, helped her to later be elected as Edinburg's Justice of the Peace, the first woman ever elected to that office in Hidalgo County. She held that position for six years. As EHA director, a position she assumed in 1972, Treviño assisted generations of low-income families to secure, safe and affordable housing. The EHA, one of the largest low-income housing programs in South Texas, includes six campuses with 467 units, including the Edinburg Tower for the elderly. During her tenure, she supervised more than 900 Section 8 housing units and successfully steered more than 70 qualified low-income families toward home ownership in the Family Self Sufficiency Program.

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Tribute to Estella Lane Treviño


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