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Master of Interdisciplinary Studies (MIDS)



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Dr. Shelia Pozorski

Second Advisor

Dr. Thomas Pozorski

Third Advisor

Dr. Servando Hinojosa


The focus of this thesis is to elaborate on the Early Horizon (900-200 B.C.) ceramic component at the site of Sechin Alto in the Casma Valley of Peru. The site of Sechin Alto consists of an enormous rectangular platform mound with four rectangular plazas and two circular courts and is considered to be part of the larger Sechin Alto Complex that spans 4 mile area (Fagan 1996:632). Sechin Alto is primarily an Initial Period (2150-1000 B.C.) site with an Early Horizon component superimposed above Initial Period material. This material was excavated in the field and analyzed in the laboratory during the 2000,2001 and 2002 field seasons. Julio Tello first surveyed the site in 1937. It was subsequently surveyed by Donald Collier and Donald Thompson in 1956 and again in 1968 by Rosa Fung and Carlos Williams. The site has recently been surveyed and excavated by Drs. Shelia Pozorski and Thomas Pozorski along with other colleagues and their students. This study of the Sechin Alto Ceramic assemblage will provide insight into Early Horizon ceramic technology, by presenting data collected from excavations and ceramic analysis.


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University of Texas-Pan American

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Anthropology Commons