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Master of Arts (MA)



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Dr. Michael Faubion

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Dr. Michael Weaver

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Dr. Charles Waite


It is the popular opinion among the masses that the Soviet Union's T-34/76 battle tank was the superior weapons platform during World War II when compared to the United States M-4 Sherman and Germany's Mk V Panther tanks. Through a combination of research and personal military knowledge and experience, I will demonstrate that the German Panther was indeed the superior battle tank in mobility, firepower, armor, and could, on a individual level (one on one), defeat not only the Soviet Union's T-34 tank, but all allied armor employed against it. I will further demonstrate that the economic stress placed on Germany's war producing capabilities led to her massive defeat, despite the Panther's impressive characteristics and competency in battle. Although the Panther did in fact reign supreme on the battle field against over whelming odds, the definition of the tank throughout World War II also grew and expanded from its basic characteristics of mobility, armor and firepower. The superior design and performance of the Panther will also be pointed out as one of Germany's weaknesses since it could not be produced in equitable numbers with its enemies. This thesis shows a point by point comparison of the German Panther and its main adversaries, the T-34 and M-4 Sherman using factual data, logical reasoning, and cannot be negated with opinion and emotion.


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University of Texas-Pan American

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