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Master of Science (MS)


Electrical Engineering

First Advisor

Dr. Heinrich Foltz

Second Advisor

Dr. Junfei Li

Third Advisor

Dr. Hasina Huq


Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) Microwave for imaging applications; especially in the medical field, is a new method to overcome the inherent invasive features of X-ray imaging. In this work a new systematic and detailed design for the Tapered Slot Antenna (TSA) as a UWB antenna in microwave imaging systems for medical applications is presented. Among TSAs, the Vivaldi antenna was selected and the reasons to replace the horn antenna imaging systems are illustrated. In the first chapter the previous designs for microwave imaging and the outline of this work are given, Chapter Two covers the design of the Vivaldi antenna's different parts design by concentration on previous researches, the third chapter presents the antenna deign for this project, Chapter Four a method based on a closed form equation to design the antenna taper for reduced reflection is presented, the fifth chapter is a method to design the Vivaldi antenna taper to penetrate tissue like objects, and in the last chapter the UWB performance of the designed Vivaldi antenna and its impulse response are analyzed. In this work the theorical designs are verified experimentally and the results and design justifications are provided for each par.


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University of Texas-Pan American