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Master of Arts (MA)


Clinical Psychology

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Dr. Philip Gasquoine

Second Advisor

Dr. Kristin Croyle

Third Advisor

Dr. Frederick Ernst


This study assessed the relationship between perceived racial discrimination, and skin tone, locus of control and acculturation among Latino/a Mennonites of the Rio Grande Valley. Eighty nine Latino/a Mennonites were recruited. The following measures were used: Schedule of Racist Events, Intrinsic Spirituality Scale, a short version of the revised Acculturation Scale for Mexican Americans-II, and Rotter's Internal-External Locus of Control Scale. A window tint meter assessed skin tone. Multiple regression analysis and multivariate analysis of variance was used to determine how rates of perceived discrimination among Mennonite Latinos/as were related to skin tone, locus of control and acculturation. The results were not significant. However, dark-skinned Latino/as reported more instances of perceived racial discrimination in the last year than light-skinned Latino/as.


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University of Texas-Pan American