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Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (MAIS)



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Dr. Margaret Graham

Second Advisor

Dr. Edna Ochoa

Third Advisor

Dr. Teresa Garcia


In the fall of 2007, I began filming a course called Cosecha Voices, which centered on the migratory, farmworking experiences of South Texas students attending the University of Texas—Pan American. This thesis therefore, stems from my two-year collaborative experience with the Cosecha Voices project. I propose Cosecha Voices opened up an academic space for critical pedagogy and transculturation to intersect, creating a transcultural pedagogy. Transcultural pedagogy as praxis, centers on students' lived experiences, engaging educators and students in a transculturation of intersecting theories intertwined in oral performances, film ethnography, and testimonios as pedagogical practices and epistemologies. This process allows for personal and social change by empowering the students to document their own migratory, farmworking histories as testimonios. As part of this framework, I transform the testimonio to an empowering/creative/research tool to interpret the research findings and analysis to illustrate the transculturation in the development of this research.


Copyright 2009 Silvia Patricia Solis. All Rights Reserved.

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University of Texas-Pan American

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Anthropology Commons