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Master of Arts (MA)



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Dr. Timothy Mottet

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Dr. Jeffrey McQuillen

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Dr. Dora Saavedra


The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effect of teacher nonverbal immediacy and verbal feedback sensitivity on affective learning outcomes in one-on-one writing conferences. The assumption is that if the teacher-student relationship is made stronger through the use of teacher nonverbal immediacy behaviors, then verbal feedback can be more direct and task-oriented, thereby allowing teachers to be more efficient in their evaluation. The hypotheses presented are that students who experience an immediate instructor during a writing conference will have more affect for the teacher, more affect for writing conferences, and more affect for writing in general than students who experience a non-immediate instructor, regardless of the sensitivity of the feedback provided. Participants in this survey included 179 high school students. All hypotheses were supported. Results of the study are discussed. Conclusions, limitations and topics for further research are addressed.


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University of Texas-Pan American

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