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Master of Science (MS)



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Dr. K. Christopher Smith

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Dr. Phillip DeLassus

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Dr. Jose Guitierrez


This research study investigated comparable academic achievement outcomes between an experimental group (EG) and a control group (CG) in a college preparatory chemistry course using a mixture of instructional pedagogies. The subjects comprised native and non-native English speakers, often identified as Limited English Proficiency (LEP) students. The study found no statistically significant difference between the pre-test scores of EG and CG students and a significant difference between the post-test scores of students in the experimental group compared to those of the control group. No significant difference was observed when comparing the test scores of the post-tests of the LEP-EG students to non-LEP students of both groups. Significant differences were observed comparing the post-test scores of the LEP students in the EG and CG groups. Therefore, the study inferred that students exposed to the mixture instructional model showed a significant improvement in their test scores, and the LEP-EG students' performance was at the same level as the non-LEP student! of both EG and CG students in the post-test. Furthermore, significant improvement was observed and recorded when comparing the post-test and pretest test scores among LEP students from both groups. Conclusively, the study proved that the mixture of Enhanced Material Instructional Model and the Collaborative Grouping Instructional Strategy is an effective instructional method to increase all students' academic achievement in college preparatory chemistry.


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University of Texas-Pan American

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Chemistry Commons