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Master of Education (MEd)


Bilingual Education

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Dr. Jose A. Ruiz-Escalante

Second Advisor

Dr. Leo Gomez

Third Advisor

Dr. J. Joy Esquierdo


The language acquisition system is intricate; bilingualism is the meta-synthetic process of culture elements, linguistic components and cognitive abilities. Proficiency in a second language is not only the recognition of environmental elements in that language, but an ability that requires the mutation of different components. We cannot perceive the phenomenon of bilingualism in a linguistic isolated perspective. The purpose of the study was to find the interconnectedness of linguistic proficiency, cultural elements, and cognitive development. The cognitive advantages associated with balanced bilingualism should not be uniquely explained by the isolation of language proficiency. The referential packages of the cultural synthesis provide critical denotations in profundity of a concept by providing different perceptions. The process of synculturation becomes the spectrum of rationale and evaluation that the sensorial system apprehends to construct meaning.


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University of Texas-Pan American