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Master of Science (MS)



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Dr. Fred Zaidan

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Dr. Robert Edwards

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Dr. Jonathan Lieman


Salinity stress at 0 ppt, 9 ppt, 18 ppt, and 27 ppt was investigated in Nerodia rhombifer, a fresh water snake. The purpose of this study was to establish if exposure to salinity could elicit a hormonal response in the form of corticosterone. Salinity treatment 27 ppt was lethal for 50% of the snakes. Factors such as population and gender differences were not significant, p=0.748 and p=0.135, respectively. Exposure to the different salinities did not significantly affect the overall mass of the animal, p=0.951. A significant increase in circulating corticosterone was noted in salinity treatments 0 ppt and 18 ppt, p=0.038. The data collected from this study, can be useful in explaining the distributional limits for N. rhombifer along the Rio Grande and in other riverine systems.


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University of Texas-Pan American