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Master of Arts (MA)



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Dr. Lazern Sorensen

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Dr. Sammie Sides

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Dr. Robert I. Lonard


The seasonality of marine algae may be influenced by a large number of factors. These factors Include water clarity, water temperature, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, salinity, light Intensity, precipitation, air temperature, water turbulence, and daylength. The purpose of this study was to determine seasonal patterns and the effect of these variables on the algae.

The results Indicate that 24 dominant, benthic, genera of algae have two seasonal populations. A winter-spring population Includes algae in abundance between January and May. A fall population includes algae in abundance during September, October and November, Results of environmental studies indicate day-length dominant factors in algal seasonality. However, algal genus appears to be under the influence of an environmental factor or factors characteristic for that genus.


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Pan American University