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Professional minor league baseball has been played in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of South Texas since 1910. Early leagues had trouble gaining a foothold in this region during the years prior to the Second World War primarily because all games were played in the intense heat of the South Texas summers.

With the installation of arc-lights at many of the local ball parks, following the post World War II era, to allow teams to play their games in the cooler hours of the evening, area entrepreneurs tried once again to bring the National Pastime to the Valley. Unable to obtain financial working agreements with major league clubs, all of these teams were forced to cease operations during the 1950s since the organizations were unable to collect sufficient revenues to meet their economic needs.

Minor league baseball made its biggest entry in the Valley in 1960 when Harlingen, Texas, was awarded a frenchine in the prestigious Texas League. This venture proved, however, to be a short-lived experience because the team was transferred to another Texas city during the middle of the 1961 season for economic reasons.


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