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Experimental setup to demonstrate low-frequency high-precision stabilization of 1500nm cavity lasers

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Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Dr. Volker Quetschke

Second Advisor

Dr. Teviet Creighton

Third Advisor

Dr. Mario C. Diaz


Advances in fiber and waveguide technologies have brought about a new type of laser: the Planar Waveguide External Cavity Laser (PWECL) that shows a great potential for precision interferometric measurements [ 13 ]. We show an experimental setup based on a 1550nm PW-ECL which was designed to achieve a frequency stabilization of 30Hz/ sqrt(Hz) or less at 10 mHz. The presented design makes use of highly stable reference cavity constructed from Ultra Low Expansion glass. Thermal isolation of the cavity from the environment is achieved by enclosing the cavity in thermal shielding which is completely enclosed in a custom vacuum system. An analysis of the heat transfer between the environment, a description of the components used , and initial results are presented.


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University of Texas at Brownsville

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