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Master of Science (MS)



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Dr. Virginia C. Foltz

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Dr. William S. Ware

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Dr. Sammie L. Sides


Consecutive medical records of 10,622 births were viewed, January, 1962, through December, 1972, from McAllen General Hospital, McAllen, Texas. The overall incidence of birth defects was consistent with rates for the United States. Birth defects detected in Spanish surnamed were significantly higher than for non-Spanish surnamed. Spanish surnamed bore eight times more defects of the central nervous system than non Spanish surnamed. Males had significantly more defects than females, and had almost seven times more defects of the urogenital system. The most distinctive feature of this survey was the high incidence of atelectasis. Of all defective liveborn, over half had this respiratory disorder. There was no significant fluctuation by years, months or seasons, of the incidence of birth defects. Death rates for defective neonates were consistent with those for the United States; rates for stillborn varied little from those of another sample of the Rio Grande Valley.


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Pan American University