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Master of Arts (MA)



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Dr. Jessica Raley

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Dr. Timothy P. Mottet

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Dr. Cory Cunningham


The purpose of this study was to further validate the Assessment of Pediatric Resuscitation Communication (APRC), by establishing the interrater reliability of the instrument. The aim was to determine if the APRC instrument can be used by trained coders from a range of disciplines to assess the communication effectiveness of trauma team members and leaders during pediatric trauma resuscitations. These scores will be used to determine if team and leader communication is correlated with medical performance during trauma resuscitations. The sample included 8 participants from diverse backgrounds. A calculation of the Percentage of Agreement (1996) of 4 pediatric resuscitations was used to test the hypothesis and research question which proposed coders will be able to achieve interrater reliability at .80 or above after APRC training had been completed. Findings revealed that interrater reliability scores significantly improved after APRC training was conducted.


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University of Texas-Pan American

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