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Master of Education (MEd)


Bilingual Education

First Advisor

Dr. Leo Gómez

Second Advisor

Dr. J. Joy Esquierdo

Third Advisor

Dr. Jose A. Ruiz-Escalante


This study analyzed the process of proper identification, placement, and assessment of Bilingual Learners (BLs) by investigating the perceptions of members in the Texas Language Proficiency Assessment Committee (LPAC). The findings focused on LPAC perceptions of their decisions to identify, place, and assess BLs as well as how these compared among members with different positions. Also, the LPAC members’ perceptions from schools that followed a dual language education program were compared to those schools that followed a transitional bilingual education program. It was found that majority of LPAC members lacked the confidence in assessing BLs, LPAC members holding higher positions were stronger decision makers, and LPAC members in dual language schools had beliefs of a more equitable education for BLs. Overall, participants in transitional bilingual education schools lacked the knowledge of enrichment pedagogical practices causing them to astray from a true equitable education for BLs.


Copyright 2010 Lilia Rocío Estrada. All Rights Reserved.

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University of Texas-Pan American