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Master of Arts (MA)



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Dr. James W. Aldridge

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Dr. Jerwen Jou

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Dr. Ralph E. Carlson


The present study investigated the relationship between college student metacomprehension and the error of predicted classroom performance. College student metacomprehension was evaluated using the Metacomprehension Scale (MCS) designed by Moore, Zabrucky, and Commander (1997a). Prior to an examination administered by a course instructor, covering course content, students predicted the percentage score he/she expected to achieve. The predicted score was subtracted from the obtained score generating an error score. It was hypothesized that error of predicted classroom performance is a function of student metacomprehension, as measured by the MCS. Results indicate the MCS was not a reliable indicator of student predicted performance. Factor structure of the MCS was examined to consider why the MCS was not a significant predictor of college student error scores.


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University of Texas-Pan American