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Master of Education (MEd)


Bilingual Education

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Dr. Leo Gomez

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Dr. J. Joy Esquierdo

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Dr. Zulmaris Diaz


The importance of bilingual education has caught the attention of public school administrators. The current study used a quantitative approach to investigate the perceptions of bilingual education of teachers and parents from a selected elementary school in South Texas. Bilingual education is used in this study to describe the study of two languages among students. The term “bilingual education” can have multiple meanings to many people so we wanted to understand what people believed of educating students among two languages being that the area in which this study was conducted has traditionally rejected bilingual education. There were a total of 91 subjects who volunteered participation. The analyses of the data used a Two – Way ANOVA with the F Distribution to measure whether there was a significant difference between the means of group and trials and tested the null hypothesis at a .05 alpha level of significance. The difference between trials was significant at the .01 alpha level even when utilizing the conservative degrees of freedom. The difference between groups and the difference between groups and trials were not statistically significant. The findings of this study have implications for school districts who desire to better understand the perceptions of parents and teachers toward bilingual education.


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University of Texas-Pan American