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Master of Science (MS)


Mechanical Engineering

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Dr. Isaac Choutapalli

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Dr. Horacio Vasquez

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Dr. Robert Freeman


When it comes to designing products that will be highly subjected to the aerodynamics of the atmospheric freestream, it’s vital to take into consideration parameters such as geometry and surface smoothness. The optimization of the performance of certain products may be done so with the usage of wind tunnel testing. In order to utilize this tool to its full potential, the flow quality must be pre-determined before running tests. In determining the flow quality there are two main parameters needed to obtain this value. These parameters are referred to as the Turbulence Factor (TF) and Turbulence Intensity (TI). To calculate these values the following methods are options to help determining the unknowns. Hot Wire Anemometry, Laser Doppler Velocimetry [LDV], Turbulence & Pressure Spheres. For this report the method of Turbulence Spheres will be used for the determination of the flow quality of the UTPA’s sub sonic, open circuit wind tunnel.


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University of Texas-Pan American