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Master of Science (MS)



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Dr. Xiaohui Wang

Second Advisor

Dr. Cristina Villalobos

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Dr. Tim Huber


Mathematics anxiety has been described as a feeling of apprehension, fear, tension, and discomfort when confronted with mathematics. Mathematics anxiety has also been shown to interfere with mathematics performance; therefore, for our research we investigated what portions of individuals seem to suffer higher levels of mathematics anxiety and to what extent they are affected by it. We also investigated the study habits of the students and how these affect their mathematics anxiety levels and overall mathematics performance. Our data was obtained from Hispanic undergraduate students (n=405) who took Elementary Algebra (Math 1300), Intermediate Algebra (Math 1334), College Algebra (Math 1340) or Elementary Statistics (2330) in Spring 2015 at the University of Texas Pan-American. Our mathematics anxiety score was obtained from the Mathematics Anxiety Rating Scale-Brief (MARS-B), a 30-question survey with 5 levels of agreement.


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University of Texas-Pan American