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Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science

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Dr. Christine Reilly

Second Advisor

Dr. Laura Grabowski

Third Advisor

Dr. Bin Fu


This paper proposes a new method for measuring user influence in directional social networks, derived from the works of Reilly et al. and Cha et al. The method being proposed in this paper considers an element from each of the two works. The first is the ratio of ‘messages forwarded’ over ‘messages posted’. The second element is the size of the audience. The second part of this study entails modeling and simulating an online social network. Using a data sample from the Twitter network to implement the simulation, it is going to allow us to compare the methods that are used to measure influence. The behaviors modeled include the act of gaining a follower, the act of creating a message, and the act of forwarding a message. These are the three behaviors we are using to compute influence.


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University of Texas-Pan American