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Master of Arts (MA)



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Dr. Amy Hay

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Dr. Linda English

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Dr. Michael Faubion


Women, War, and Planes discusses the Women Airforce Service Pilots’ (WASP) experience during World War II as a non-militarized program working alongside the Army Air Forces in the continental United States. The mostly white, twenty to thirty aged pilots recruited from a national pool of women flew many different types of planes from basic, lighter aircraft to heavy, four engine models. The Army Air Forces and WASP leaders promised pilots full militarized status. However, the WASPs never received military status or rank while in the program, and in turn, did not receive the same protections afforded to men of who held the same rank and duties. Women, War, and Planes serves to investigate how the WASP’s non-militarized status affected the women’s experience in the program and show how society’s idea of gender roles in the United States military kept them from gaining military status during World War II.


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University of Texas-Pan American

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