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Master of Arts (MA)



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Dr. Yong Lang

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Dr. Deborah Cole

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Dr. Colin Charlton


This is a sociolinguistic study, examining the relationship between the usage of the term coke and the population of the RGV, which seeks to explain why (if) this phenomenon persists and identify connections between Spanish/Mexican cultures intertwined in the network of English/Spanish usage. It pursues to go a step further, addressing what social factors have an influence on the term choice and what implications this influence can provide for SLA in specific regions. To do this, various groups have been polled, surveyed and informally interviewed in an effort to make connections between the usage of coke and social conventions. The findings from this study include a response to why coke is used so frequently in this context and what implications its usage can project on other communities where similar occurrences persist by providing insights into the relationship between regional terms and the specific speech community of the RGV.


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University of Texas-Pan American