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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)



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Reynaldo Santiago

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Dr. Robert Bradley

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Philip Field


The success of an artist’s work depends upon a few key factors. No matter which field of study you pursue as an individual it is important to examine and understand previously collected knowledge and works developed within that field. Once an artist has learned from the successful “Old” methods and examples of artworks he or she may then combine the “Old” with some of his or her “New” methods and ideas. When it comes to visual narrative art there is a large variety of visual art and other creations to learn from. Factors related to decision making will change with every work of art an artist chooses or is asked to produce. In this paper I will examine these factors and describe how and why I have made the decisions for three varieties of narrative art projects: thematic murals, children’s book illustrations, and a self-portrait series.


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University of Texas-Pan American