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Master of Arts (MA)



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Dr. David E. Vassberg

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Dr. Porter A. Stratton

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Dr. Hubert J. Miller


The little-discussed Mexican and Mexican-American contribution to the development of the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas into the great citrus producing area that it is today is exposed in general terms in this thesis. Due credit has been given to the Burgos, Tamaulipas, residents who came to the Valley during and after the Mexican Revolution in search of stability and better wages. In spite of the abuses they suffered, some of them decided to stay. Their children (now Mexican-Americans), are still contributing to the citrus industry today, although not in the strenuous way their parents did.

The Valley owes a tremendous debt to those few businessmen that came to the Valley and had the foresight to bring in the railroad and irrigation systems to this area. But the greatest debt for its success, as presented in this thesis, is owed to the Mexicans and Mexican-Americans.

1987 Dissertation: The Mexican and Mexican-American laborers in the lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas, 1870-1930


Copyright 1982 Camilo Amado Martinez, Jr. All Rights Reserved.

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Pan American University