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Master of Arts (MA)



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Dr. Pamela McCurdy

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Dr. Pamela Anderson-Mejias

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Dr. Edward Heckler


This study examines the degree of content validity of the grammar and usage exam administered to The University of Texas-Pan American's developmental writing classes (English 1320). Final exam essays from the freshman composition course (English 1301) were divided into groups according to their scores and examined for the occurrence of adjective agreement, apostrophe, pronoun usage, punctuation of clause, sentence structure, subject-verb agreement, and tense usage errors, which are tested on the exam. An Analysis of Variance was then calculated for each error type; none of the error types proved statistically significant at the.05 level. The students within each group did not make a great number of errors, and all groups made largely the same number and types of errors. Thus, the English 1320 grammar and usage exam does not exhibit an acceptable degree of content validity.


Copyright 1992 Cynthia Eilene Elder. All Rights Reserved.

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Pan American University