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Master of Public Administration (MPA)


Political Science

First Advisor

Dr. Robert D. Winkle

Second Advisor

Dr. Theo E. Maloy

Third Advisor

Dr. Jose R. Hinojosa


This study examines the influence of social context on the evaluation of municipal service delivery. It hypothesizes that those individuals who are more satisfied with their immediate surroundings also are more satisfied with the municipal services they receive. A stratified sample of 1.027 household telephone numbers in McAllen, Texas, was selected for this study. The telephone survey resulted in 542 successful interviews, representing a 52.4% response rate. The study's conclusions suggest that first, satisfaction with the neighborhood appears to affect the general level of satisfaction with public services. Second, there was no significant difference in services satisfaction level based on ethnicity. Finally, the respondents' evaluation of city services was influenced by their socioeconomic status and other relevant demographics. Respondents who were older, more affluent, and more educated, expressed higher degree of satisfaction with municipal services than did other groups.


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University of Texas-Pan American