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Master of Science (MS)



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Dr. Mohammed Farooqui

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Dr. Robert I. Lonard

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Dr. K. Daniel Murray


Autosomes of Boophilus annulatus and B. microplus were compared using C- and G-bands to establish the degree of homology. Karyotypes of both species consisted of 20 autosomes and an XX:XO sex determination system with the X being the largest chromosome. All chromosomes of B. annulatus were acrocentric with heterochromatin limited to centromeric regions. The B. microplus karyotype was acrocentric with one band of noncentromeric heterochromatin occurring in three chromosome pairs. Interspecific comparisons indicated seven pairs of G-band homologous autosomes and three G-band homologous pairs when added interstitial heterochromatin was considered. The number three chromosome of both species showed variation in length at an area of extreme constriction associated with the nucleolar organizer region.


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University of Texas-Pan American