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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

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Dr. Damian Damianov

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Dr. Salvador Contreras

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Dr. Xiaohui Wang


This study analyses the factors that determine the intensity of use of preventive health care services for a sample of Hispanic manufacturing workers in South Texas (RGV). Logistic regression is used to estimate the effect of health insurance, age, income level and education on the use of preventive health care of Hispanic workers in the manufacturing sector in South Texas (RGV). The outcome variables are vaccinations, tests and screening for women and men. The sample includes 228 manufacturing workers from the RGV. People with health insurance were more likely to use preventive care services such as vaccination for flu, hepatitis, mammogram and pap smear screening. Age was found significant for screening for colon cancer, mammogram and prostrate screening. Education was found to be a significant factor for pap smear screening.


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University of Texas-Pan American