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Master of Arts (MA)



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Dr. Frederick A. Ernst

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Dr. Russell Eisenman

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Dr. Edna Alfaro


Heavy drinking is more prevalent in college students ages 18 through 21 than non-students (NIAAA, 2010). Impulsivity and binge drinking have shown an association (Balodis, Potenza & Olmstead, 2009). An important aspect of this relationship is the influencing factors that may help in determining the effects of drinking on academic performance. In order to predict this behavior, we collected information on tendencies to be impulsive and those that have shown binge drinking behavior from 151 undergraduate students, 11 non-Hispanics, 3 Hispanics, and 137 Hispanics of Mexican-origin attending the University of Texas-Pan American. Of the Mexican-origin students, 37% reported binge drinking at least once during the past month. The sample consisted of 94 females and 43 males. No hypothesized predictors were found to have significant relationships with binge drinking or impulsivity. Results in this study showed academic performance is not affected due to drinking behaviors.


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University of Texas-Pan American