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Master of Arts (MA)



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Dr. Christopher L. Miller

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Dr. David Vassberg

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Dr. Chad Richardson


David Montejano and others characterize early Hispanic-Anglo relations as operating under a "peace structure," during which the two groups developed strong alliances. However, they suggest that after 1848, "conflict and distrust" replaced it. These studies rely on anecdotal evidence. To date, no one has sought to verify them using actual patterns of social interaction.

This study addresses intermarriage between Hispanic, white non-Hispanic, Black and mixed heritage individuals in Hidalgo County. The quantitative data shows that the demographic characteristics of the area played a major role in defining the patterns of intermarriage. However, it points to a multiethnic society that intermarried throughout the nineteenth century. Moreover, social interaction between these groups increased constantly through time, suggesting that Montejano's "peace structure" needs to be reexamined.


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University of Texas-Pan American