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Master of Arts (MA)



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Dr. Israel Cuellar

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Dr. Robert Wisener

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Dr. Jerwen Jou


This study examined the effects of different modes of acculturation upon self reported levels of gender role conflict, and explored the relationship among acculturative stress, the concepts of Machismo and Familism and gender role conflicts. Hispanic males (N = 164) from a university with an 90% Hispanic enrollment were surveyed. Low Bicultural subjects differed significantly upon the factors of restrictive emotionality and restrictive affectionate behavior between men than other modes of acculturation. Machismo was found to be significantly related to stress and conflicts with gender roles, while Familism was found to be related to two of the patterns of gender role conflicts dealing with competition and conflicts between work and family relations. Results are discussed with implications and indications for further research.


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University of Texas-Pan American