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Master of Science (MS)



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Dr. K. Daniel Murray

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Dr. Sarah E. Lingle

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Dr. Scott J. Gunn


S. officinarum is a thick-stemmed sugarcane which stores large amounts of sucrose, and S. spontaneum is thin-stemmed with very little sucrose. Sucrose synthase (SS), sucrose phosphate synthase (SPS), and invertase enzymes are thought to affect the accumulation of sucrose in the stems of sugarcane. This study was performed to determine if (i) differences between SPS and acid invertase activities account for the difference in sucrose content of sugarcane stems, and (ii) differences in SS activity influence sucrose concentration. The difference between SPS and acid invertase activities did not appear related to the low sucrose content in S. spontaneum. However, the higher sucrose synthase activity in S. officinarum internodes is consistent with this enzyme's hypothesized role in sucrose translocation.


Copyright 1999 Monica Ida Valdez-Garza.

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University of Texas-Pan American