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Master of Arts (MA)



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Dr. Robert Johnson

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Dr. Eric Miles Williamson

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Dr. Donald Newman


Hart Stilwell was a noted newspaperman, journalist, outdoor writer, and political activist. He is most noted for the books Border City (1945), Uncovered Wagon (1947), and Campus Town (1950), which were, as confessed to J. Frank Dobie, Stilwell’s life story. Finding Hart: The Lost Text and Biography of Hart Stilwell pieces together the most inclusive biographical sketch of this enigmatic man of Texas letters to date through his correspondences and autobiographical novels. The author has also included an edited and footnoted version of a previously unpublished Stilwell manuscript, Glory of the Silver King, a history of Texas and northeast Mexico tarpon and snook fishing in the earlier half of the twentieth century. The manuscript, in its final version, will be available from Texas A&M Press in the Fall of 2010.


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