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Master of Science (MS)



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Dr. Elamin E. Ibrahim

Second Advisor

Dr. Jalal U. Mondel

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Dr. Narayan Bhat


Volatile organic compounds (VOC) can cause a major environmental concern since they create a hazard to public health and the environment. This study focused on determining concentration of VOCs in Arroyo Colorado waters and the Lower Laguna Madre (LLM) utilizing GC/MS. Little is known on the concentration and composition of VOCs. Toluene was the most common VOC. Concentrations ranged from 0.0010 mg/L to 0.0039 mg/L. Analysis of a sediment pore water sample collected near the mouth of the Arroyo Colorado also detected toluene (0.0023 mg/L). This study showed that VOCs were concentrated near the county boat launch and somewhat downstream. The LLM was not influenced by the Arroyo Colorado VOCs.


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University of Texas-Pan American