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Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Manufacturing Engineering

First Advisor

Dr. Subhash Bose

Second Advisor

Dr. Miguel A. Gonzalez

Third Advisor

Dr. Hashim S. Mahdi


A heat transfer model is developed to predict cooking time of meat patties given the initial temperature of meat, oven temperature, and meat properties to monitor and control a cooking process on-line. Experiments were performed to find the cause of variability in cooked weight and raw temperature effects in forming and final cooked temperature. Advanced charting techniques concluded that only common causes of variability were present in the process. Thermal conductivity experiments were performed to determine the thermal conductivity of meat (k), which was compared with the properties of meat published in literature to validate the experiment. Oven design analysis led to the development of a regression model that allows for time-dependent oven temperature.


Copyright 2000 Oralia Garcia. All Rights Reserved.

Granting Institution

University of Texas-Pan American