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Master of Arts (MA)



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Dr. Israel Cuellar

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Dr. Robert Wisener

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Dr. Roy E. Cain


While previous research has demonstrated the importance of studying adolescence, few studies have explored the determinants of Mexican-American adolescent stress. Studies have shown that individual differences exist among adolescents that help determine adolescent stress. Individual differences such as family structure and socioeconomic status among Mexican-American adolescents may help to better understand adolescent stress. This study investigated incidence of Mexican-American adolescent stress in a public high school and middle school composed of 2,686 students from the Edinburg Consolidated Independent School District. Data was obtained from the Teen Life Survey administered in the spring of 1998 by Dr. Israel Cuellar. The relations of stress, as measured by the Life Events Stress and the relations of family structure and socioeconomic status were analyzed. The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of Mexican-American adolescent stress. The hypotheses will be tested to determine if significant differences exist in Mexican-American adolescent stress in relation to family structure and socioeconomic status.


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University of Texas-Pan American