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Master of Arts (MA)



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Dr. Bill Arnold

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Dr. Israel Cuellar

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Dr. Lynette Heslet


Previous research has demonstrated the importance of social support resources for emotional well-being and health, few studies have explored the determinants of social support. A number of factors that can influence Mexican American adolescents' tendencies when seeking help have been studied. Variables such as acculturation, culturally shared beliefs or values, social support systems, and self-esteem may help to better understand such behaviors.

The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of acculturation on perceived social support by adolescents. Specifically, we examine the extent to which gender, acculturation, and age influenced perceived social support of adolescents.

In general, results confirm differences exist in adolescents' social support systems. Data provided support that social support was mediated by esteem and gender. This study has implications in adolescent clinical treatment. Findings suggest building an adolescent's self-esteem can improve the social support perceived and the adjustment or adaptation process to a mainstream culture.


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University of Texas-Pan American