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Master of Arts (MA)



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Dr. Salma Ghanem

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Dr. Jack Stanley

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Dr. William F. Strong


This study is a cross-cultural research project involving two small Texas television markets and a third in Matamoros, Mexico. The study compares, through a research content analysis of video-taped TV newscasts, differences and similarities between three markets.

These three markets were selected because of their geographical and cultural characteristics to determine whether geographic proximity or cultural proximity is an indication of similarities.

The study concluded that the Matamoros TV newscasts concentrated more heavily on politics and the economy rather than on crime. The Weslaco newscasts aired the highest numbers of crime related stories while the newscasts in Abilene focused more on conflict and overseas political news coverage. An explanation for this could be that American newsmakers work more towards seeking to make a profit by winning large amounts of viewers and increasing their ratings. Such is not the case in Mexico where there is a lot more censorship and control of the media by the Mexican government.


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University of Texas-Pan American