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Master of Science (MS)



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Dr. Elena Bastida

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Dr. Kelly Himmel

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Dr. Israel Cuellar


The topic of family violence and abuse is a very sensitive issue. Yet, violence is a part of everyday life. Although people are constantly being bombarded by violent acts on television and in newspaper articles, family violence and abuse is a topic that is to a certain extent, taboo. Even with this taboo topic, family violence and abuse has been widely studied and researched; however, the majority of the research has concentrated on a quantitative aspect. Thus, this study looks at family violence and abuse through qualitative eyes. In the grand tradition of case studies and narratives, this qualitative study focuses on the participants' own experience with family violence and abuse. As a result, my analyses neither exhaust the meaning for nor claim generalizations about the repercussions of family violence and abuse.


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University of Texas-Pan American