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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)



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Richard Philips

Second Advisor

Richard N. Hyslin

Third Advisor

Lorenzo Pace


Quest for Spirituality is a body of work that confronted and validated suppressed spiritual experiences. I credit Our Lady Virgin of Guadalupe for my resurrection from ignoring my creative gift and bringing me home.

Desire for limelight, stability, and fulfilling the gallery-going public’s desire overshadowed numerous invitations and opportunities to explore spirituality. A fruitful lifestyle suppressed the nuance of spirituality never expressed until the silence vanished. My mother’s passing, a spiritual epiphany unraveled memories giving expression to these experiences. The vicious cycle of gallery going public’s desire for my art crumbled the day I returned to my homeland. Time has afforded me opportunity for reflection, contemplation and ideas for my art repertoire. Graduate studies provided a new direction and beginning, so I shall pursue this path of newfound knowledge.


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University of Texas-Pan American