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Master of Education (MEd)


Bilingual Education

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Dr. Mary R. Valerio

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Dr. Leo Gomez

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Dr. Dalinda Solis


Language, the heart of the educational process, is the vehicle through which students are primarily being educated and prepared throughout their schooling (Lam, 1996). Language acquisition is described as having four processes: socio-cultural, linguistic, and academic and cognitive. Teaching, learning, and curriculum content must; therefore, be culturally meaningful, interactive, and collaborative. Since a student's learning style is a major contributing factor in teaching and not all students learn in the same manner, educators must know and understand the bilingual and bicultural child's identities and emphasize interdisciplinary, cooperative, and multi-sensory lessons in their classrooms (Chamot,1994). Educators must incorporate the wealth of knowledge and skills that students bring and develop these further through appropriate instruction. This study examined the effects of multi-sensory teaching practices on the reading fluency and comprehension of bilingual second grade students.


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University of Texas-Pan American