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Master of Arts (MA)

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Dr. James Irby

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Dr. Porter A. Stratton

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Dr. Hubert J. Miller


Competition over dwindling fishery stocks has become acute. Shrimp in the Gulf of Mexico is part of that competition. Trawling operations shifted to Brownsville. A dispute between the newly arrived louisiana shrimpers and Texas operators drove many of the newcomers south to the Mexican coastline. This led almost inevitably to a conflict with Mexico. That it was almost inevitable was also due to the fact that the two nations had differing interpretations of territorial limits.

The confrontations themselves were often full of adventure with charges, counter-charges, and sometimes bullets hurled through the air. Because of this nation's own past actions, the U.S. State Department proved incapable of helping the U.s. trawler operators. While some of the operators admitted breaking Mexican laws, many were the victims of either intentional or accidental Mexican violations of international waters. This story constitutes an exciting facet of Lower Rio Grande Valley history.


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Pan American University