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Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Dr. Xiaohui Wang

Second Advisor

Dr. Santanu Chakraborty

Third Advisor

Dr. Maria Cristina Villalobos


In seeking of effective prevention programs to improve physical activities, we want to examine the factors related to physical activities improvement in Alliance for a Healthy Border, a chronic disease prevention program with pre-post-post evaluations through 12 federally qualified community health centers serving primarily Hispanics in communities along the U.S.- Mexico border. Logistic regression was performed to examine the association between physical activity and twenty predictors at baseline. Multinomial regression was used to examine the determinants of physical activities improvement at two time points: program end and post six-months. Socio-demographic, baseline health condition factors, and determination of doing physical activity were also included in the model. We found that factors affecting physical activities improvement were gender, number of children at home, employment status, general health status, smoking, baseline BMI, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, group/individual-based program, program duration, limits by problems, and determination of doing physical activity.


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University of Texas-Pan American