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Master of Arts (MA)



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Dr. Colin Charlton

Second Advisor

Dr. Jonikka Charlton

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Dr. Moriah McCracken


In this thesis, I compare what we know about the teaching of writing from thirty years of disciplinary research and development versus what secondary pre-service and in-service teachers know about it. In terms of theoretical and practical alignment, I also examine the transition in Texas from one standardized test (TAKS) to another (STAAR) and the implications for teachers. Finally, I outline a Professional Development sequence for secondary school teachers that would better prepare teachers to teach writing across the secondary school curriculum, including an argument for particularly effective methods of delivery for communicating this information. This professional development design includes, but is not limited to, a background in composition theory through a summer institute with teacher mentors; writing across the curriculum through trainings of the larger staff, inquiry research groups and individually guided acts; and sustainable professional development through coaching, practice, mentoring, modeling and study groups.


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University of Texas-Pan American