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Master of Science (MS)



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Dr. Rod Summy

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Dr. Robert Edwards

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Dr. Anxiu Kuang


Parasitological investigations provide information on ecosystem health because parasite prevalence and abundance are influenced by biotic and abiotic environmental changes. This survey classified the parasitic fauna of red drum, Sciaenops ocellatus, in the Lower Laguna Madre, TX. Fish (n = 239) were collected from four study sites (May 2005 - June 2006). Parasite identification consisted of digenean and monogenean trematodes, cestodes, larval nematodes, copepods, and protozoans. Parasite prevalence and host length was positively correlated from South Bay (r=0.473), Port Isabel (r=0.533), Arroyo(r=0.314), and Port Mansfield (r=0.630). Significant differences (p<0.001) between zone and parasite prevalence from Arroyo site indicated a higher prevalence of protozoa and monogeneans and reduced prevalence of digeneans. Statistical analyses indicated the greatest difference between Port Isabel and Arroyo sites ( divided by 2= 48.195; p<0.001; df= 14), and the least difference between South Bay and Arroyo sites ( divided by 2= 20.847; p= 1.06; df= 14).


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University of Texas-Pan American